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Brewed Honest

With years of experience, we pay respect to tradition, but keep an eye on innovation and new trends. Will be serving good ole’ southern food to pair with our beers. Staying true to our authentic Appalachian roots, we are cooking up comfort food full of nostalgia for those familiar with them - and damn delicious to those experiencing them for the first time.

Our Beer

Our goal is to brew honest beer for honest people - an easy drink after a long day’s work, or when you’re just plain thirstier than a Salt Face Mule. We will be creating new lagers and ales as well as an assortment of creative and thought-provoking specialty beers for the most discerning beer lovers and newbies alike.

Name our next beer!

Have a favorite southern saying? Some other funny, local colloquialism? How about just making one up? Submit a name for one of our beers!