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Our head brewer, Ray Dobens, will be continuously and carefully creating so that we have an ever-expanding and growing list of house SFM brews for, “people who love beer.” The plan is to always include a lighter Pilsner, easy-drinking IPAs, and a memorable stout in the rotation. Currently, for the fall of 2023, we have a Pilsner, a Saison, an Irish Stout, and 2 IPAs. The full drink menu can be found here.

Not sure what to order? Try a flight of any 4 house beers for only $10!

We also have guest taps and other beers, hard ciders and seltzers, wines, and plenty of non-alcoholic options, with more to come.

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Salt Face Mule Brewing Co. was born out of these mountains. We are owned and operated by many people who live and grew up in Western North Carolina, excited to serve up some of their comforting favorites with a creative Twist with plenty of options for all palates. You can check out the full food menu here.

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Yes! Salt Face is also home to a 36-hole miniature golf course that can be played as a half or full course, with replays available. Ask us about having parties, fundraisers, and tournaments here! 

Standard pricing is as follows:

(with “child” considered 12 and under, “adult” being 13 and up)

⛳18 holes – $12 per adult / $9 per child

⛳36 holes – $17 per adult / $14 per child

+$5 per person for replays

Because the safety and enjoyment of all our guests are top priorities for us, all players must sign a waiver and agree to follow the rules of the course. We want everyone to be safe and have a great time! 

*While we take great pride in being a family-friendly establishment, it’s important to note that our primary focus is on our brewery and restaurant, complemented by our miniature golf course. Please understand that our golf course is not intended as a playground. It is specifically reserved for those who have paid to play and have agreed to abide by the rules of the course. We kindly request that running of any kind is strictly prohibited anywhere on our property, and we ask that children be accompanied by adults at all times.

Your cooperation and consideration for the property, our staff, and others is much appreciated.

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Yes, we are! We are a family-oriented business and we want that to be felt by the community and visitors alike. Alongside our casual, Appalachian-inspired comfort food menu, we also offer dedicated kids’ options. Our goal is to provide a delicious and enjoyable experience for everyone.

That said, it’s important to note that we are primarily a brewery and restaurant that is also a miniature golf facility. The safety and enjoyment of all our guests are of utmost importance to us. To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, we kindly request that all visitors respect our property and adhere to the rules of the golf course. These rules include no running at any time and limiting access to the putting greens to players only. Children should always be accompanied by at least one adult. These rules are in place not only for the safety of children but also for the well-being of all our guests and staff, as well as for the preservation of this unique property, which we want everyone to continue to enjoy!



Yes! Leashed pups are welcome on our patio.

Why are only leashed dogs allowed? Well, as a mini-golf facility, we must ensure that dogs do not run freely and potentially cause accidents or damage to the course.

Additionally, due to our status as a restaurant, only service animals are permitted inside the tap room/dining room, as mandated by the NC Health Department.


This very unique venue seems destined for special events, and we have options for hosting parties, fundraisers, mini-golf tournaments, and more. Feel free to reach out to us if you have something in mind and to get more info.


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Where to start? This company is owned and operated by some of the same folks who created and have been running the Twisted Laurel restaurants for years. Some of our team have also stayed within the family, making the move to the brewery with us. Beyond that, the beer and food will be a whole new experience.