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Reserve Space in our brewery

Our taproom has everything that you need for a great time throughout the year. The all ages taproom can accommodate up to 100 guests for a casual gathering, sit-down meal, or special celebration. Order items directly from our menu, or plan the perfect meal with our catering team. Based on the size of your event, you can reserve table in our taproom, or book the entire space for private use.

In addition to guaranteed seating and food options, you'll have access to two 16-tap bars which offer ample non-beer and non-alcohol options for you and your guests. Large TV's are also available throughout the taproom so you'll never miss out on the action of live television.

Location Overview

Our taproom is comprised of many parts, many of which will continue to open as our venue grows and expands throughout 2024.

Our indoor taproom is the heart and soul of our brewery, and even highlights our production space for guests to visually explore the cycle of brewing and beer production. Our taproom is open seven days a week and available for full or partial rentals.

Service animals are welcome to join their loved ones in our indoor taproom, however non-service animals are unable to hang around indoors. Our outdoor patio is dog friendly and open year round.

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Private Events Headline

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Featured FAQs

This very unique venue seems destined for special events, and we have options for hosting parties, fundraisers, mini-golf tournaments, and more. Feel free to reach out to us if you have something in mind and to get more info.


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